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Legal Transcription Services

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The Director of Ascend Admin Australia began her career as a legal secretary with a small firm in Cronulla in 1991, working primarily in personal injury, wills and probate, conveyancing, and family law; she was able to develop her skills across different areas of legal, later working in the Sydney CBD for several small, medium and large firms, including one of the largest – returning three times over her career.

Forming Ascend Admin in September 2001, she continued to work within law firms for a further 10 years while she built her business. She worked within corporate and commercial, building and construction, and property, and then specialising in personal injury across medical negligence, dust diseases, MVA, workers’ compensation, and common law industries, to name a few.

She would work with one firm during the day and then off to another at night, so her speed and ability to adapt to various styles and formats became her niche. This has been important in running the business so that all typists/editors and junior staff are trained to and are expected to quickly adapt to different client requirements, so outsourcing doesn’t mean compromising on in-house quality.

Whether a lawyer or barrister, Ascend Admin has the experience to provide quality legal transcription services of documentation, including:

Court Transcription Services

Medico-Legal Transcription 

Ascend Admin has been providing legal transcription services across Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Darwin, Perth, Tasmania and their metros since 2001, including:


Our secure custom built transcription workflow platform (housed within the Microsoft Azure environment) provides end to end management of your files – from uploading of audio, editing, right through to invoicing… No job is too big or too small – with the process being seamless and giving you peace of mind in knowing that your transcription files are in good hands


Every audio file received goes through a three tiered process speech – typist – editor, prior to being sent to the client, ensuring the highest possible accuracy across documentation. Documents are also spot checked by our Quality Assurance team to provide feedback and ongoing training to our team.


Our system allows clients to choose the required turnaround including urgent, same day, next day and the standard, 48 hour turnaround. We also have 5-7 day turnaround available.


Digitype has partnered with Speechmatics, which we believe is the best speech to text platform available globally.

Our Promise

We have invested heavily in our infrastructure, and our team, to provide to our customers a seamless end to end process. Our promise to you, is that we will always endeavour to provide the fastest turnaround of your documentation, without compromising on quality.

Virtual Assistant

There are times when clients require more than just the typing of documents. At Ascend Admin, we provide a comprehensive back office solution handling your secretarial tasks remotely. Head over to our Virtual Assistant pages for more information or contact us to find out more.

Customer Service

Whether it be a one-off or a long term relationship, we are here to answer your enquiries. You can contact Nicole directly on 0439 944 554 or via our contact form below