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Why Choose Ascend Admin for Court Transcription Services?

A transcript of a court proceeding is a document that contains an accurate written record of every word that was spoken during the proceeding. It will identify who is speaking throughout the entirety of the document, and it is utilised by judges, juries, counsel, legal practitioners, and members of the public who are involved in court matters. When it comes to producing an

We take great pride in our exceptionally quick response times. We also support rush and super rush court transcription requests to meet your last-minute requirements. Regardless of how stringent the deadlines may be, we will never lower the bar for the quality of the deliverables we produce. The flawless verbatim certified transcripts that our credentialed transcribers produce are in full compliance with the criteria established by the judicial system.

All of the transcribers at Ascend Admin sign confidentiality agreements so that you can be sure that anything shared with us remains in safe hands.

If you require accurate, prompt, confidential, trusted, and certified court transcription services, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

What court transcription services do we offer at Ascend Admin?

We provide transcripts as follows:
  • Court Transcripts – Local, District, and Supreme Courts across all states.
  • Arbitration Hearings.
  • Mediation Hearings.
  • Tribunal Hearings.
  • NCAT – NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal.
  • Legal Interviews and Statements.
  • Police ERISP and Video Surveillance.

Is there a difference between court reporters and court transcriptionists?

Simply put, the answer is yes!

We are aware that you may already have a court reporter on your payroll and may have wondered why it would be necessary to hire a legal transcriptionist. To put it simply, the two roles are distinct from one another and serve distinct functions.
Court reporters, as their name suggests, are present in the courtroom with you. They take notes during live proceedings and subsequently transcribe those notes. In a nutshell, they are suitable for streamlined services that call for real-time meetings and your physical presence so that you can pay attention to what the speakers are actually saying.

Accurate transcript, and attention to detail, including proper spelling, pronunciation, and grammar, is absolutely essential.

However, these notes could only be ready by the stenographer, who would then edit the notes into a full transcript after the proceedings had concluded. On days, stenographers would sit in the courtroom and take notes during the proceedings. These notes could easily be called upon to remind participants of what had been said.

The proceedings are now recorded and can be played back, and a more accurate transcript can be produced after the proceedings have been completed, thanks to technological advancements. Legal representatives or members of the general public will frequently engage the services of transcription companies such as ours to produce the transcript in advance of any further proceedings in the courts. Because of this, the provision of these transcripts should be entrusted to only the most experienced transcription services that can be found online.

When necessary, we can provide recording services for proceedings that take place virtually. At the same time, our typists are available to transcribe the proceeding live, and we can deliver a fully edited transcript within hours of the conclusion of the proceeding.

Why should you pick Ascend Admin for your court transcription services?

Not only have we been offering transcription services for over 20 years, but our experience in the legal field dates all the way back to the early 1990s.

We have made significant investments in our infrastructure to construct a bespoke platform for the management of the processing of sensitive material, such as audio and documents for court transcripts. Among these materials are transcripts of court proceedings. Our typists work in the cloud, which provides an additional layer of security, and we make use of AI systems that are recognized all over the world to increase our output. However, we will never deviate from the watchful eye of our highly experienced human typists. These typists ensure that the quality of our transcripts meets the required standard of accuracy for a court transcript.

When preparing for legal proceedings, time is a factor that cannot be overlooked. At Ascend Admin, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest possible level of service at all times of the day and night. You can reach us via email or contact us to place your transcription requests or get answers to your questions. In addition, you can place your order and make payment for it online, and the transcripts will be emailed to the address you specify on the schedule.

Legal transcriptionists, in contrast to court reporters, are capable of handling any and all types of legal transcription services. The fact that they do not have to accompany you to court in order to comprehend the material on your audio or video recordings is of the utmost importance.
A legal transcriptionist will transcribe your audio perfectly as though they were present thanks to the years of experience and knowledge gained from working on transcripts similar to yours over the course of their career.

Frequently asked questions

What does a courtroom transcriptionist do?

A courtroom transcriptionist is responsible for taking down and accurately recording all of the conversations, meetings, witness testimonies, and other court proceedings as they occur. In addition, they produce written records of everything that happens in court in real-time.

What are Ascend Admin working hours?

We can provide services in most time zones, although this will depend on the specifics of your request. As a result of the fact that we have multiple transcriptionists working remotely across a variety of time zones, you can rest assured that your project will be finished accurately and at the speed that you require.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your company today.