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Why Choose Ascend Admin for Legal Transcription?

The demand for fast, efficient, and accurate legal transcriptions is at an all-time high for solicitors, law firms, and legal practitioners across Australia. Partnering with a remote legal assistant from Ascend Admin could be the smartest decision for your finances, productivity, and peace of mind.
Our highly talented and experienced experts provide a range of legal transcription services suitable for all legal professionals working in Australia. Here’s why a growing number of law firms and solicitors are turning their attention to our legal typist services for proceedings inside or outside the courtroom.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Legal Transcription Tasks

Why Choose Ascend Admin?

Appreciating the benefits of outsourced legal transcription is one thing. However, the rewarding features can only be enjoyed when you partner with the best legal typist service available. The Ascend Admin team prides itself on going above and beyond to produce high-quality results underpinned by rapid turnarounds and optimal transparency at all times.
For starters, the company was founded by an expert who has over three decades of experience working in legal sectors. Meanwhile, our services have been offered to clients across Australia since 2001. Therefore, you can be assured that the transcriptions will be completed by an experienced team who understands the industry and your requirements for accuracy followed by efficient formatting.
Moreover, our systems have been purpose-built specific to legal transcription, providing our clients with a secure platform for uploading audio files for processing. We have globally recognised AI speech technology and operate 100% in the cloud. We also have the ability to dial in to record events via hybrid lines, webcasts or Teams. In short, by choosing our services, you will gain;
  • Legal transcription services that are supported by optimal security while still providing the most convenient delivery for your team.
  • The support of a team that specialises in assisting businesses like yours with optimal accuracy of transcriptions within the context of legal matters.
  • Dedicated support that can provide legal transcription for virtually all legal documents that could be required in your line of work.
In addition to providing legal typist services of the very highest standards, we offer full legal virtual assistant services to complete a robust legal administration support solution. Ascend Admin doesn’t only understand transcription processes. We also understand law firms and will work closely with your business to find the approach to professional transcription services that suits your company.
Whether it’s a one-off service or an ongoing commitment, our experts will make a world of difference.

What Documents Can Be Transcribed?

The industry is worth $27bn and covers a wide range of legal matters. Whether you specialise in family law, business matters, or other legal procedures doesn’t matter. Our experts can transcribe audio files into correctly formatted text files for each of the following;
Legal transcription is an essential part of your business model and will be used for all evidence, official documentation, and court filings. In the majority of cases, though, legal proceedings are recorded as audio or video files. A legal typist can turn these recordings into formatted text files by transcribing every part of the conversation.
While many law firms continue to complete the process through in-house methods, the benefits of choosing outsourced legal transcription services have become increasingly clear for relevant companies across Australia. The most important features include, but are not limited to;
  • Save your in-house employees from having to complete a somewhat tedious admin task, which will subsequently enable them to focus on more important assignments linked to the case.
  • Guarantee quick turnarounds because you will have access to a legal typist across all business days and outside of business hours on request. Better still, their 100% dedication to transcribing documents will lead to faster fulfilment.
  • A pay-as-you-go structure is kinder to your finances and organisational challenges, not least because it removes the need to recruit in-house workers or worry about issues like sick pay.
Ultimately, outsourced legal transcription services can save law firms time and money while simultaneously providing accurate final documentation. It is considered one of the smartest upgrades for solicitors of varying sizes but can be especially useful for small companies.
If your company is still persisting with the outdated approach to legal secretary and transcribing duties, now is the time to modernise the business.
  • General correspondence – you deal with a lot of letters. Send us your audio files and we can type up the letters using industry formatting or the template that you send us.
  • Court documents – written court documents require optimal accuracy and our audio-to-text services will ensure that you are left with professional and compliant files.
  • Court transcripts – our legal typist services will turn the audio files of courtroom interactions into typed-up and legally sound documents.
  • Briefs – from simple to detailed briefs, we can transcribe every aspect including filler words, nonverbal communication, and filler words. As per legal requirements.
  • Deeds and agreements – for a range of legal agreements, our experts will transcribe what was said by who.
  • Police ERISP – if you need help turning an Electronically Recorded Interview of a Suspected Person into a clear and certified text document, we can help.
  • Legal interviews – whether it’s a few minutes or a few hours of audio recordings, we can transcribe legal interviews with optimal accuracy. Even for multiple persons.
  • And all other legal documents.
Ascend Admin Legal Court and Health Transciption Services

The transcription services can be tailored to comply with the legal situations in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, and other territories in Australia. We can also provide our world-class transcription services for legal teams to law firms and attorneys in many other countries.

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